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Crossing Meridians

If you enjoy books by Brene’ Brown, Adam Grant, and James Clear, you will love this book! If you have been searching for a leadership training or coaching guide that fits your unique situation, look no further.

In Crossing MeridiansTM: Engineering Disruption to Become a More Effective Leader, the author shares her tested approach to leadership enrichment and provides a workbook to help leaders plan and own their development journey. The author thoughtfully shows aspiring to mid-career leaders how to own their career success, moving from their familiar ways of working and thinking to heightened leadership. With her Crossing Meridians approach, which is both a mindset and a method, the author provides the framework for a deeply personal, step-by-step approach to leadership development that guides leaders through learning cycles.

Whether you are a new manager or a leader who needs to sharpen your leadership skills, Crossing Meridians can help you. In the book, leaders are encouraged to engineer their own disruption—taking on uncomfortable, more complex development actions that allow them to cross divides while gaining the essential leadership capabilities of empathy, openness, and resiliency. Leaders are shown how to define their Beginning Meridians, those early, pervasive influences that shape us. And they are shown how to envision their larger leadership and target, select, and execute development actions that move them from their Beginning Meridians to their New Meridians.

The author also draws the connection between the Crossing Meridians leadership development method and today’s real world challenges. She makes the case that organizations today are presented with a myriad of pressing issues, like social and racial justice, that they cannot ignore. With increased expectations and scrutiny from customers, employees, communities, and partners, organizations have made significant promises that require strong leadership to deliver on those promises. The author shows how leaders that have crossed meridians are invaluable to these organizations because of their heightened leadership agility and insights borne of learning through discomfort.

To help readers plan their leadership development, the author has included a workbook. It is where leaders can assess, distill, reimagine, plan, act, and repeat on their journey to becoming more effective leaders.

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