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“The essence of Crossing Meridians is simple and straightforward: To reshape yourself into a more effective leader, you must move from the familiar and known to the unfamiliar and unknown, expecting and embracing discomfort along the way to evolve into a more effective leader.”
“Crossing Meridians is for aspiring to mid-career professionals who find themselves largely leading based on what they know and what is familiar to them. These leaders soon exhaust their leadership toolkit. They must instead learn to lead based on broader experiences to avoid stunting their career progression and leadership development. Crossing Meridians, therefore, is for those unsettled leaders who need help now, although they may not have vocalized it or reached out for help.”
“Success in crossing meridians is as much about the mindset you bring to the process as it is about the development actions you choose to pursue. A Crossing Meridians mindset includes curiosity to learn more, determination to improve, and humility in recognizing what you don’t know.”
“Crossing Meridians, the method, is a well-planned leadership transformation journey designed by you especially for you as an individual. It’s a way of iterating through a Discover–Plan–Act–Sustain cycle, where you first determine your leadership baseline (discover) by assessing your beginning influences, strengths, and areas of opportunity. You next reimagine your leadership and envision how you will strengthen your unique leadership abilities (plan) by seeking out and accomplishing disruptive-instructive learning activities (act). When you cross a meridian—that is, you move from an established pattern to a more effective way of leading—you complete the journey better able to assess, relate, create, adapt, and learn. You then are prepared to restart the cycle on your continual journey of leadership improvement (sustain).”
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