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“Getting Unstuck and Going in a Different Direction” and “Lift and Raise.” These two concepts reflect what Cynthia believes and how she lives her life.

As she navigated from early beginnings in a housing development to a career as one of the highest ranking global insurance executives of African descent, leading a multi-billion dollar operation in dozens of countries, along the way Cynthia learned a few things about leadership. She also hit her leadership stride.

Embracing differences, building trust and leading with empathy, openness and resiliency became part of Cynthia’s DNA. She found a platform that allowed her to elevate others through guidance and access to opportunities. As a result, personally and professionally, Cynthia’s focus is on helping others (companies, leaders, mentees, colleagues) get unstuck and pivot in a different direction.

Lived, corporate, legal, and community experiences inform who Cynthia is and the leadership development method she puts forward in her book, Crossing Meridians: Engineering Disruption to Become a More Effective Leader. Those experiences guide Cynthia’s leadership of Pivot Global Partners, the firm she founded and leads that designs and implements innovation pivots, leadership pivots, and equity, inclusion and diversity pivots for companies, entrepreneurs and mission based organizations. These experiences also are the foundation for the advice and insights Cynthia shares as an advisor to innovation and technology ventures and board member for national and local education focused nonprofits.

Contact Cynthia to discuss the book, speaking, or how Pivot Global can help you with your pivot at [email protected]888 526 6251 ext. 101 or

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