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Crossing Meridians

Cynthia Hardy is an internationally recognized business leader and influencer whose expertise is shaping personal and organizational pivots. In her new book, Crossing MeridiansTM: Engineering Disruption to Become a More Effective Leader, Cynthia shares her tested approach to leadership enrichment and provides a workbook to help leaders plan their development journeys.

Cynthia thoughtfully shows aspiring to mid-career leaders how to move from their familiar ways of working and thinking to heightened leadership, using storytelling, reimagining, and crossing divides.  With her Crossing Meridians approach, which is both a mindset and a method, Cynthia provides the framework for a deeply personal, step-by-step approach to leadership development that guides leaders through learning cycles.


“If your leadership is sputtering because of your limitations or if you suspect broadened horizons will make you a more effective leader, join me on a journey of self-discovery and self-improvement by crossing meridians.

I urge you to view the Crossing Meridians approach as a considered pathway for your leadership enrichment—one where you reject the known and comfortable as the dispositive path and instead engineer seismic shifts to gain the capabilities that enlarge your leadership. My hope is that this book inspires you to start your leadership development journey—one that welcomes disruption in order to shape you into a more accomplished leader. The time you spend learning about Crossing Meridians will make you a better person. The commitment you bring to Crossing Meridians will make you a better leader.”

Pivot Global Partners designs and implements the pivots clients need to innovate, scale, and grow. Its clients are entrepreneurs, established companies, and mission based organizations.

As it guides clients through innovation, leadership, and equity, inclusion, and diversity pivots, Pivot Global’s team is informed by its array of lived experiences, corporate leadership roles, entrepreneurial ventures, and community involvement. Pivot Global’s expertise, thought leadership, and strong alliances place it at the heart of innovation and transformation.


Meet The Author

Cynthia is the Founder & CEO of Pivot Global Partners, a global professional services firm that guides clients through people and process pivots—innovation pivots, leadership pivots, and equity, inclusion, and diversity pivots—to innovate, scale, and grow.

Cynthia is internationally recognized for building and repositioning organizations, drawing upon deep strategic, leadership, and diagnostic skills. Her acumen comes from founding an innovation and change management firm, managing profit and loss of multi billion dollar divisions in domestic and international publicly-traded companies, and practicing as an attorney in law firm and corporate settings.

Available Worldwide in Ebook, Paperback and Hard Cover Formats.

In Crossing Meridians, leaders are encouraged to engineer their own disruption—taking on uncomfortable, more complex development actions that allow them to cross divides while gaining the essential leadership capabilities of empathy, openness, and resiliency. Leaders are shown how to define their Beginning Meridians, those early, pervasive influences that shape us. They also are shown how to envision their larger leadership and target, select, and execute development actions that move them from their Beginning Meridians to their New Meridians.

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